2017 Submissions from the Community

From Debbie Seaton on August 14

I have been monitoring the nest on Golfcourse Road, Janetville.  In the spring the male seemed to be sitting on a pole across the road from the nest a lot.  I joked that they were having a spat, a really long spat, but alas they figured it out and the result was one baby.  From my vantage point, baby is growing and the parents are both doting, as well it should be.

From Terry on August 14

Prince Edward County, specifically Waupoos, Milford, South Bay, and Cherry Valley has had an amazing Osprey season. The nest closest to me in Waupoos had 3 chicks…. most of the nests I’ve seen have been 2 chicks.  No catastrophes this season thankfully, all chicks fledged.   Interestingly, I’m on the East Coast at the moment, nests are empty.  I have seen many Osprey though.

From Jim Chappel on August 21:

I did my usual nest check on a section of Emily Creek and the mouth into Sturgeon Lake again for the twenty-first year.  Hard to believe it has been that long. Still a pretty section of the creek.
There have always been a few nests of terns but this year there were more tern chicks flying than I can remember…wish I had kept a record of them as well. There were eight tern chicks just between the first and second bend north of Hwy. 36.
Osprey nests were quite successful as well in year 2017.  Of the usual six nest sites in the last several years, there were five active.  One of these blew down some time in June: the nest in the large tree at Emily creek and County Road 24. A few limbs of the nest remained in the tree for some time but finally all fell. The adult osprey were seen a few times a the tree after the nest fell but soon returned no more for the rest of the season.
Of the four nests that were successful this year there were six chicks that flew, making this year one of the higher average seasons for osprey reproduction here.
All in all a good year despite the unusually wet season.  Apparently osprey chicks do not mind rain and the water was high all year for good fishing. Looking forward to next season.

From Diana Wood on August 23:

The nest at Hwy 35 and Rainbow Rd. did not have any fledgling.  The nest at Glenarm and Hwy 35 had a pair early in spring and we think one of the pair died.  A new pair arrived and they did have one fledgling.  The nest at Hwy 35 and Rosedale did have a fledgling.  The nest at Hwy 35 and Coboconk did not.  The nest at the airport had a fledgling.  A nest was build at Hwy 35 and Bear Rd.; just south of County Rd. 8.  Hydro took it down once but the pair have rebuilt it again.

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